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  • Since 2008, GHT has been dedicating time and investments in to computer hardware technology development and upgrade production process.
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New Memory Light Bar: The Perfect Combination of Technology and Aesthetics

1、 Introduction With the continuous development of technology, the performance of computer hardware is also constantly improving. Memory, as an important component of computer hardware, its performance and stability are crucial for the operation of the computer. In recent years, memory light strips have attracted much attention in the computer hardware market. They not only provide high-performance memory, but also incorporate RGB lighting effects, adding a strong sense of technology and aesthetics to computers. This article will introduce a new type of memory light strip, let's take a look at its features and advantages together. 2、 The characteristics of the new memory light strip High performance: The new memory strip adopts the latest DDR5 memory technology, which greatly improves the read and write speed and bandwidth of the memory, providing strong support for the operation of the computer.   RGB lighting effects: A memory module that incorporates RGB lighting effects can display cool lighting effects during operation, adding a strong sense of technology and aesthetics to the computer.   Large capacity: The new memory strip provides a large capacity of memory, which can meet the needs of various high-end games and applications.   Strong compatibility: The new memory light strip has strong compatibility and can support multiple operating systems and motherboards, making your computer more stable and reliable.   Good heat dissipation performance: The new memory light strip adopts an efficient heat dissipation design, which can ensure the stable operation of the memory and extend the service life of the memory strip. 3、 The advantages of the new memory light strip Improving computer performance: The new memory light strip can significantly enhance computer performance, making you smoother in high-intensity usage scenarios such as playing games and editing videos.   Add personalized elements: With RGB lighting effects, the new memory light strip can make your computer more personalized and become a fashion accessory that showcases your unique taste.   Enhanced computer stability: The efficient heat dissipation design and strong compatibility of the new memory light strip can enhance computer stability and reduce failure rates.   Improve work efficiency: The large capacity memory of the new memory strip can support more applications to run simultaneously, thereby improving your work efficiency.   Increase visual enjoyment: The cool RGB lighting effects of the new memory light strip can make you enjoy a visual feast even more when using your computer at night. 4、 Conclusion The new memory light strip is loved by computer enthusiasts for its high performance, large capacity, strong compatibility, good heat dissipation performance, and personalized RGB lighting effects. It not only enhances the performance of computers, but also adds a strong sense of technology and aesthetics to them. Whether you are a gamer...


New Memory Light Bar: The Perfect Combination of Technology and Aesthetics
  • A New Heights Of GHT

    GHT make great efforts,so that our shop on Alibaba has been promoted to a three-starts supplier.Thanks for all the support from customers,and we will keep passion to provide better product and service.   Since 2004, we have been adhering to three principles. 1,Provide the high and stable quality,as the quality is our life. 2,Keep the well service in and after sell,and we try to meet customer’s needs. 3,Fast reply in communication,and active action of the order arrangement.   With the expectation of full star supplier,we are here to sincerely look for an opportunity to establish business relationships with you,to achieve an all-win result.   


  • GHT have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021

    GHT have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021 ​ Marketing manager of GHT: We don’t intend to stop.       GHT factory have already purchased large production equipment and built a new production line in November 2020. Factory has started commissioning, and running in 2021, it will increase its annual memory capacity of around 1.8 million.     New SMT production line was put into production successfully this year, it was well-staffed to improve the management and operation of the production line equipment parameters. Expected production volume this year will increase at least by 30%. By the end of June, Joinwin factory have already completed its half-yearly planning. According to the latest report, brief production status as follows: Average DRAM production line is holding at around 150k modules a month, so far there are 4 SMT production lines working together, the monthly output amounts will be at least to 600k, annual output to 7.2 million.     GHT are using now the most advanced equipment for production, for example SMT line are equipped from brand YAMAHA. Every process is well controlled and to make sure each DRAM module is well assembled. Building a memory is not a very easy process, they are going through Tin paste soldering, AOI testing, SMT assembled, Reflow soldering, X-ray inspection, Man testing, On-board testing, QC, QA testing, Packing...every process are insured that each products are a perfect unit to customer.   GHT grown every year since entering the production line and they don’t intend to stop. They believes that the best quality and their excellent sales services will lead them win more reputation amount the world.    


  • In depth exploration of SSD: principles, advantages, and applications

    1、 Introduction With the rapid development of computer technology, solid-state drives (SSDs) have gradually replaced traditional mechanical hard drives as a new type of storage device. This article will delve into the principles, advantages, and applications of SSD to help readers better understand this technology. 2、 The principle of SSD SSD is a flash based storage device that reads and writes data electronically rather than mechanically. Compared to traditional mechanical hard drives, SSDs have higher read and write speeds and lower power consumption. Its core components include flash memory chips, controllers, and interfaces. The flash memory chip is the core unit for storing data, consisting of many flash memory units, each of which can store one bit of data (0 or 1). The controller is responsible for managing the read and write operations of the flash memory chip, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data. The interface is responsible for communicating with the computer system. 3、 The advantages of SSDs High speed read and write: Due to the use of electronic methods for data reading and writing, SSDs have higher read and write speeds. This gives SSDs significant advantages in handling large amounts of data, such as game loading, software startup, etc.   Low power consumption: Compared to traditional mechanical hard drives, SSDs have lower power consumption. This makes the battery life of mobile devices such as laptops longer, while also reducing the energy consumption of servers.   Seismic and anti drop: Due to the absence of mechanical moving parts, SSDs have better seismic and anti drop performance. This enables SSDs to work stably even in harsh environments, improving equipment reliability.   High capacity density: With the advancement of technology, the capacity density of SSDs is getting higher and higher. This means that in the same volume, SSDs can store more data, improving the utilization of storage space. 4、 Application of SSD Laptops: Due to the advantages of high-speed read and write and low power consumption, SSDs are widely used in laptops. This makes the startup speed of the laptop faster and more responsive.   Server: In the field of servers, the high speed and high capacity density of SSDs make them an ideal choice. The server needs to handle a large amount of data and requests, and the high speed and large capacity of SSDs can meet these needs.   Embedded systems: In embedded systems, SSDs become an ideal choice due to space and energy limitations. Its low power consumption and seismic resistance enable embedded systems to operate stably even in harsh environments.   Game devices: Game devices need to process a large amount of graphics and audio data, and the high speed and large capacity of SSDs can meet these needs. In addition, the low power consumption and seismic resistance of SSDs also make gaming devices more reliable and durable. 5、 Conclusion Overall, SSDs, as a new type of storag...



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