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hot selling external ssd 480gb hard disk 2.5inch sata3hot selling external ssd 480gb hard disk 2.5inch sata3

hot selling external ssd 480gb hard disk 2.5inch sata3

  •  2.5'' MLC  SM2246EN  480gb SSD
  • Solid State Drive SATAIII
  • NCQ, Trim, SMART Support
  • Dynamic power management
  • Supports BCH ECC 12/14/40 bits in 1024 bytes
  • 3 years warranty
  • tested before delivery
  • good service
  • high quality ,high performance
  • retail packing or box packing
  • Support T/T, Western Union ,MoneyGram,paypal payment
  • Support DHL, EMS, Fedex fast delivery
hot selling external ssd 480gb hard disk 2.5inch sata3 

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Product Description


Based Specification
Control chip SM2246EN
Interface SATAIII
Capacity 480GB
Cache 128MB
Flash type MLC NAND Flash
Read/Write Performance
Sequential Read 528MB/s
Sequential Write 406MB/s
4KB Random Read IOPS 70000
4KB Random Write IOPS 3000
Response Time 0.2ms
Power Consumption
Power Supply 5V+5%
Standby 0.3W
Maximum Ripple 70 mV(peak to peak)
4KB Random Write 2.5W
Write endurance: 8 years @ 100G write/day(32G)
Read endurance:  unlimited
MTBF:  >2,000,000 hours
Data retention:  >20years @ 25°C
Data destroy support no
Sudden power-off  recovery support yes
NCQ support yes
Trim support yes
Dynamic power management support yes
SMART support yes
ECC:  Supports BCH ECC 12/14/40 bits in 1024 bytes
Static and dynamic wear-leveling
Bad block management algorithm
Storage temperature:  -55~95 °C
Operation temperature:  -0~55°C
Humidity:  5%~95%
Vibration 15G (10 to 2000Hz)
Shock 350G at 0.5ms
Testing platform
CPU:        Intel® Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Chipset:      Intel® Z68 Express Chipset 
Memory:      KHX1600C9D3C1K2/4GX
OS:          Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
AHCI Driver:                 Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller 
BIOS Settings:  AHCI Mode
Testing software Crystal Disk Mark 3.0;HD Tune Pro 3.5;ATTO Disk Benchmark;Iometer2008  AS_SSD Benchmark
Physical Size 100*70*7 mm
Weight 80g
Warranty 3 years
Certification CE,ROHS,FCC,TUV



Packaging & Shipping


1.We offer 3 years warranty for SSD.

2.About the RMA,plz send by EMS within 3KG in one package.Bulk packing is ok.

3.If buyers send by DHL,buyers will undertake the cost of customs.

4.DHL will resend the goods back to buyers if can't be clearance.

5.Buyers pay the shipping cost from buyers to us,but the RMA will free shipping Following with the next order.



Company Information

Shenzhen Global HighTech import & export Co., Ltd. Short for GHT. Who was Founded in 2005. With more than 10 years’ experience on ram memory and solid state drive research and development. We already grows up to one of the top 3 RAM suppliers in Shenzhen China. Welcome to visit our factory at your convenience. 

Why choose us: 
Best quality and credibility are always our main focus
1.We offers life time warranty. Our agents in Brazil,Peru,Venezuela,Colombia, Chile etc. You can send deffective memory to the local agent,or just follow our RMA return SOP send back to us. 
2.All memory are original branded chips and we strictly conduct memtest before every delivery.
3.We passed SGS yearly audit and finance check by Alibaba. Meantimes there is 6th years gold supplier and Trade Assurance by Alibaba.
4.We accept Paypal/Escrow for sample order to remove your concern.

 Because of you, we are here. 

We are strong sales team waiting to support you.
1. Our Pre-sales and After-sales teams have abundant sales experience in both local and overseas market.                                       
2. Email / Mobile / Skype / Whats app / Viber all are 24 hours available since you need.                                       

3.Our sales will give advise on invoice value, tax, customs check. Hot sales modules and newest market information. 






1.Q:Why does the computer fail to detect the SSD?

   A:There are two possibilities in most cases: 

   a) Inadequate power supply: you can try attaching to the USB connector which next to SSD into USB slot behind your computer, make sure your computer has enough power supply for the SSD. To avoid insufficient supply which will cause failure to read the SSD. please do not use USB Hub, extension cords, or other USB devices.
   b)Not add new sectors: Plese check the Disk Management to confirm whetherinstalled SSD in Windows XP / Vista Win7 operating system .

2.Q: When i restart my computer. I realized that the SSD storage become largger or smaller sometimes. is it any problem with the SSD?

   A: When the operating system boots, there will be job data be written in the flash disk, so there will be different larger or smaller storge condition due to the differenent condition of the flash disk. So you will find the remaining capacity be slightly larger or smaller, this is normal circumstances.

3.Q: How to use the SSD properly to well protect it?

   A: Currently, the SSD average erasure feature and built-in error correction mechanism can increase  the SSD lifespan.  But in general, SSD lifespan depends on the how  it is been used and the work environment, if mass and long time large numbers data been written or been used under high-temperature environment . which would likely to reduce the SSD lifespan.

4.Q: What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

   A:Both are storage devices. but SSD with better effectiveness , especially its random access speed significantly ahead of HD. But with higher price, so more suitable for operating system installation on the practical application. The HDD with lower price and slower speed. usually been used as storage for data backup.

5.Q: How to divide SSD?
   A: In Windows XP, for example, you can divide SSD through the Control Panel / System management Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management, select the installed SSD, and press the right mouse button, press add new disk to complete.

6.Q: When open the file. the file name or content becomes garbled, Why this happen?

   A: It is the contact problem usually, you can re-plug and make sure SSD interfaces and computer interface contact effectively.

7.Q: What are the determinants of the SSD? seed?
   A: The overall performance of SSD are decided by the hard drive interface (SATA, IDE, PCI-E, etc.), the controlling IC (program), loss of efficiency (firmware), balancing algorithm, the original Flash bandwidth and the circuit design and manufacturing processes of the PCB board.

8.Q: What does the 2 Channels 4 Channels 8 Channels 10 Channels mean?
   A: It means the qty of chips of read and write data at same time. 2 channels means 2 chips do reading and writing.10-channels means 10 chips in reading and writing at the same time, depending on the management capabilities of the controlling IC. The control IC chip of INTEL 10-channel can manage 10 chips read and write data simultaneously , which can greatly enhance the speed of reading and writing data to increase work efficiency . This is not a
strict interpretation, just to assist those who do not understand the SSD works to understand the concept of the channel.

9.Q: Will the airport security perspective scanner affect SSDs?
   A: The physical characteristics of SSD are similar to U disk, memory cards and flash memory in mobile phone. So do not worry. the X-rays will not affect it.

12. Q: For the IDE SSD. When open the file. it is a little slow? why this happens? How to solve it?
      A: It is compatibility issues mostly, you can try to use the new version software to open the file.it can often solve the problem.


Hot sale 2.5inch SATAIII MLC ssd 480gb

Hot sale 2.5inch SATAIII MLC ssd 480gb

Hot sale 2.5inch SATAIII MLC ssd 480gb